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Featuring Woodford Reserve’s  

Master Distiller, Chris Morris 

Thursday, February 22

6:30 p.m. • $160++

Carysfort Kitchen

Five sources of flavor are only the beginning. Woodford Reserve whiskeys are crafted through 

an artisanal process that combines a high percentage of rye and iron-free limestone filtered 

water, one of the longest fermentation processes in the industry and a careful batching in 

pot and column stills. To qualify as bourbon, Woodford Reserve must be entered into new, 

charred, white oak barrels. That’s why bourbon barrels are built and charred at their very own 

cooperage. After filling, barrels are transferred to a heat-cycled warehouse until mature, where 

they are selected based on flavor, not age. From this, Woodford Reserve produces a bourbon 

rich in complexity with a distinct taste and crisp, clean finish. 

Chris Morris knows whiskey. As the second Master Distiller at the Woodford Reserve Distillery, 

Chris was an integral character in the development of Woodford Reserve. Chris began his 

career in bourbon in 1976 as a trainee in Brown-Forman’s central lab. In 1997, he found himself 

as an understudy to Lincoln Henderson, Woodford Reserve’s Inaugural Master Distiller, who 

in 2003 Chris succeeded. In the years that followed, Chris was responsible for creating the 

world’s first bourbon finished in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Barrels. He’s also credited with 

developing the world’s first maple barrel; a difficult feat made easier when you command your 

own cooperage. Included in this dinner will be the past season's exclusive Ocean Reef blend, 

along with an introduction to the 2017-2018 Club blend. 


Crispy Whole Lionfish

Dim Sum Bamboo Steamer Baskets – Seared Dumplings, Assorted Sushi

Pork Belly

Sweet Corn Grits, Fried Green Tomato, Bourbon Maple Butter, Petit Greens     

Whole Roasted Lamb

Papas Bravas, Padron Peppers, Pine Nut, Chickpea Puree  

Chocolate Nutella Donut

Gold Leaf, Fresh Fruits