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March 6, 2018

6:30 p.m. • $165++

Livernano-Casalvento, Tuscany, Italy

Joined by Chef Sandra Lotti

Livernano is a truly ancient place. It was first inhabited by Etruscans, then occupied by the Romans. 

During the interminable mediaeval wars between Siena and Florence, the hamlet served as a fortified 

border post. Combining the history and ancient grapes of Tuscany with the most modern techniques 

and latest knowledge, Livernano and Casalvento are small, state-of-the-art wineries joining the 

ranks of the world’s elite estates. The first vineyards were planted at high densities 15 years ago with 

selected vines suited to the unique soils and microclimate, and are pruned for exceptionally low yields. 

Today, Livernano is once again a working farm, not only producing fine wines with nine different 

grape varieties, but also exceptional olive oil and honey, vegetables and fruits.



February 27, 2018

6:30 p.m. • $185++

Ornellaia, Frescobaldi, Tuscany, Italy

Joined by Chef Sarah Gruenberg

For 700 years the Frescobaldi family has combined tradition, experience and innovation with 

creativity and the pursuit of excellence. Frescobaldi’s six estates – Nipozzano, CastelGiocondo, 

Pomino, Ammiraglia, Castiglioni and Remole – are all diverse and located in the most suitable 

areas of Tuscany for production of fine wines. As one of Tuscany’s most historic and respected 

wineries, its success can be attributed to the climate, terrain and commitment to their 

philosophy – “quality without compromise”.

Frescobaldi purchased Ornellaia in 2005, which was founded in 1981 in what has proved to be 

one of Italy’s most interesting and expressive wine-making areas, the maritime hills of Bolgheri 

within the greater wine region of Maremma. Their first vintage was produced in 1985 and 

Ornellaia is now considered one of Italy’s leading Bordeaux-style red wines.