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Carysfort Kitchen, led by Manager Carole Kotkin, Carysfort Kitchen Chef, Shelby Confer, 

and Executive Chef Damian Gilchrist, provides a delicious culinary education all dished 

up with a heaping serving of expertise and style sure to please our food and wine loving 

Members. Learn from Ocean Reef chefs, regional notables and internationally known 

celebrity chefs and cookbook authors as they share secrets, techniques, and recipes in our 

state-of-the-art cooking school. In most of our classes, students (21 years and above) will be 

offered wine pairings carefully selected by our house sommelier. 


A cooking experience hosted by a featured chef who will demonstrate 4-5 dishes, 

followed by a tasting of each course and complementing wine.

Maximum seating capacity of 50 guests

Recipes and menu provided for each guest


Guests will be teamed up in groups of 6 with a chef at each table to guide them through 

their lesson. A featured chef instructs students on how to prepare 4-5 dishes. Each table 

selects a head chef to prepare each course. Guests will be seated to enjoy and savor the 

dishes they have created along with complementing wine.

Maximum of 100 guests

Recipes and menus provided for each guest


An intimate cooking experience hosted by a featured chef who will demonstrate 4-5 dishes. 

Guests will then be split up into teams to prepare these dishes. Guests will be seated to 

enjoy and savor the dishes they have created along with complementing wine.

Maximum of 20 guests

Recipes and menus provided for each guest



Looking for the perfect gift for someone who 

loves to cook? Gift certificates are available 

for classes of your choice. Logo aprons, caps, 

kitchen towels, and “Flavors of the Reef” 

cookbooks are available for sale.

This splendid collection of gastronomy includes 
recipes for every occasion and for every level of  
culinary skill. There are twenty-four sensational 
recipes from appetizers to desserts, including 
Club favorites, new items and catering specialties. 

With ingredients that celebrate the bounty of 
the Florida Keys and its waters, these dishes are  
designed to bring friends and family together.  
From Club classics like Crab Cakes with Mustard 
Sauce to a perfect Key Lime Pie, every meal will 
evoke memories of times shared at Ocean Reef. 
You’ll find menu favorites that you’ve enjoyed at  
the places and spaces that make Ocean Reef Club  
special — from the Raw Bar to the Golf Clubhouse  
to Buccaneer Island. 

The traditions of Ocean Reef Club are well 
represented here as well, with recipes inspired  
by annual events such as Vintage Weekend  
and the Reef Cup, as well as dishes for holiday 
gatherings. Often so many of our fondest 
memories are centered on food: meals we 
have loved, special celebrations and family 
togetherness. Our hope is that when you make 
these recipes at home, you’ll be reminded of all 
the wonderful moments you’ve enjoyed at  
The Reef with family and friends. 



of The Reef

The Club and The Cuisine



of The Reef

Ocean Reef’s Senior Director of  

Culinary Operations Philippe Reynaud and
Executive Chef Damian Gilchrist, along with  

their talented team, have carefully and 

thoughtfully selected the recipes included here.  

These are the dishes that our members  

love to share with family and friends.  

At the heart of this collection are treasured 

recipes that have proved to do  

one thing very well — make people happy.


Visit our website for additional recipes and dishes. 


Published in 2011 

Produced by Ocean Reef Club Communications
35 Ocean Reef Drive, Suite 200
Key Largo, FL 33037