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Friday, February 9 

9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. | $115

Our chefs come from diverse backgrounds and are 
constantly finding ways to spark greatness within their teams. Meet a few of the many chefs who 
bring Ocean Reef’s Food & Beverage Department to life. Most of the ingredients in the dishes on 
our menus are seasonal and freshly harvested from Redlands farmers. Did you know the Club bakes 
its own bread and pastries? Or that all the stuffed pastas served at Gianni are handmade? Have you 
seen the commissary or our many kitchens? After eating at restaurants many times during the year, 
most Members have never been in the back of the house. Join us for our annual tour of the Ocean 
Reef kitchens with Chefs Philippe Reynaud and Damian Gilchrist. All restaurant kitchens fascinate, but 
the scope and freshness of what gets turned out here is impressive, and impressive is the only word 
for a 65-gallon drum full of chicken stock that lasts the Reef Central kitchen only a few days. The 
two chefs will guide us through the kitchen of The Ocean Room and as we sip mimosas we will learn 
how Ocean Reef Club’s oldest kitchen remains the most important one. We will then walk across 
Buccaneer bridge to the Islander kitchen for sushi and seafood bites offered by Chefs Eric and Sean 
Bernal. All attendees will then drive to the Fishing Village to meet at Gianni for pastas and pizza with 
Chef Betania Salles. The Clubhouse Prime kitchen will be the next “pit-stop” to refuel with steak bites 
before we head over to Reef Central, the heartbeat for Food & Beverage. The last stop will be in the 
newly expanded pastry kitchen where Chef Santiago and his team will show off their sweet creations 
and incredible presentation skills. Bon Appetit!

The tour will be led by Chefs Philippe Reynaud and Damian Gilchrist:

Chef Philippe Reynaud, ORC Senior Director of Culinary graduated from the Culinary Academy of 
Nice at the age 18 following a three-year apprenticeship at the Casinos of Cannes and Deauville, 
France. Following his military service in Djibouti, Africa, he worked with top chefs in various French 
regions to learn regional French cuisine. In 1981, he then moved to Los Angeles and served seven years 
at the luxurious Westwood Marquis Hotel, and eight years at the Jonathan Town & Beach Clubs. 
Chef Philippe has been leading Ocean Reef Club’s elite culinary team since 2000. He is responsible for 
the operations of 13 kitchens, the Food Truck, 19+ a la carte menus, Members Catering, Conference 
Groups Banquets and special events. He oversees all ORC menu development, visiting celebrity chef 
dinners, cooking classes, and assisting in the mentoring of over 168 culinary associates, interns, 
and chefs. In 2012, he spearheaded the publication of “Flavors of The Reef,” a book highlighting 
favorite dishes offered at Club restaurants. In 2013, he received Slow Food's Snail of Approval award 
recognizing his efforts in support of local farms and fish sourcing. Through Feeding South Florida, 
Reynaud and his culinary team have provided the community with over 84,000 pounds of Extra 
Helpings since May 2011 to feed the disadvantaged. Reynaud believes that locally grown food is best 
and chefs can impact whole communities and influence the way we eat.

Executive Chef Damian Gilchrist's bio can be found on page 20.



Grazing at the Outlets (see above)  

Books will be available for purchase and autographing.