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Friday, January 12   

Showcase Class 

2:30 – 4:30 p.m. | $110

Cocktails have an unwavering, timeless style that 
mixologists have perfected. But you don't have to be a 
professional to make great cocktails in your own home! In 

the world of David Ortiz, well-seasoned bartender/mixologist and spirit specialist, the shape 
of an ice cube, the sugars and acids in an apple, and the bubbles in a bottle of champagne 
are all ingredients to be measured, tested and tweaked. Thirty-two years behind the bar has 
allowed Ortiz to become well known nationally and he has become a key market influencer. 
For the last two years, he has been the mixologist for Republic National Distributing 
Company and most recently the host mixologist on the Beach Channel’s 

“Eat This. Drink 

That. Go.” Ortiz teaches practical tips for preparing drinks and building a specialized home 
bar. Learn the skills of the bartender and stir up some truly exquisite flavors using premium 
spirits and authentic ingredients as he teaches how to mix incredible craft cocktails to 
recreate in your own kitchen. You'll learn what shaker to buy, why freshly squeezed juices will 
make all the difference, basic mixing techniques, as well as the art of creating a balanced yet 
innovative drink. You will enjoy Ortiz’s handiwork along with passed hors d'oeuvre prepared 
by Chefs Shelby Confer and Damian Gilchrist.

"Good people drink good beer and spirits,"

- Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


Americano Spritz 

Hand Shaken Rum Daiquiri 


Bourbon Old Fashion